Modern - Szwalnia - konstrukcje odzieży


End-to-end sewing of the entire prepared Collection.

Our offering includes complete sewing of your Collection – from delicate silk shirts or summer skirts, through rocks and suits to coats. Our modern JUKI hardware includes a very rare set of machines capable of sewing appliques, pocket patches or lapels. We have spent a quarter of a century to live up to the quality expectations of our partners.

We are very proud of our team of experts who work for us continuously for years. The proces itself is well designed and planned. We boast a bespoke, spacious cutting room – a place where garment is professionally spread across before cutting which helps avoid later garment squirming.

The sewing process is mapped and based on milestones, work is being divided amongst teams focused on delivering their part. This is essential to continuous improvement, standardization and helps minimize errors. For that very reason, each element is subject to preparation and ironing before it is being used for sewing.

Once the sewing process is over, goods are subject to quality control, then ironed and packed for shipment in our very own warehouse.
We work with a handful of shipping companies and are able to ship the collection to any given address.

Other services

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  • Constructions and prototypes

    If you have a ready-made drawing and you would like your collection to be made with the utmost care, we can prepare a construction for you and sew a prototype.

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  • Sewing service

    If you already have a prepared structure, size tables, grading and purchased fabric and accessories, you can also commission us to stitch your collection. If you want, we will also check if the construction and grading have been done correctly.

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