Modern - Szwalnia - konstrukcje odzieży

About Us

Our company was founded over a quarter of a century ago – in 1992. We have continued to operate as a fashion brand (MODERN) and as a contract sewing house working with many local and international brands ever since.

We are one of very few enterprises with such a long history and experience in fashion contract sewing. This alone has made it possible for us to build and develop a professional and seasoned team of employees. Through massive experience in the fashion sewing industry we managed to achieve and continually deliver to a very high standard of services.

It is the quality that sets us apart. It has been the family motto forever. Our partners entrust us with end-to-end preparation and sewing of entire collections because they know the product they place on the market always meets the highest quality standards, at the same time – matching the expectations.

We provide constant support and advice to our customers at every stage of the process: together we agree on every last detail of a project (flat), we help to choose quality and accessories for the right look, we build the constructs that perfectly fit the model. Our partners are welcome to supervise the production if they choose to do so – from sketch of a design to sewing. We are open and inclusive of feedback and wish to serve our customers in an agile fashion.

Our fashion construction team is capable of building the most demanding models. Our portfolio spans from complex silk dresses through modern coats to children’s gear. We are avid viewers of the fashion trends and shows, always studying, constantly on the watch for new details, designs and solutions – only to be able to utilize them in our production process to achieve or exceed expectations.

We wish to share our knowledge and experience with both new fashion start-ups as well as established brands who wish to further develop and enhance the quality of their products.

Thanks to our everyday work with the worldwide fashion companies, we know that the professional team is a key to meet a demanding requirements of our clients. Therefore we put a lot of efforts to provide constantly development to our employees through hands-on workshops within the latest fashion trends and innovations.

Our business partners appreciate our reliable and high-end job with no excuses. Furthermore we were recognized as one of the best employers in Pomerania district by Pomeranian Employers Association.

What makes us different?

  • We have 30 years of experience

  • We pay great attention to details

  • We offer full design and production support

  • We support in the process of searching for accessories and fabrics

  • We work on low and medium series

  • We anticipate potential problems

  • We approach each project responsibly

  • We treat each client as an equal Partner

  • We have been operating on European markets for many years

  • We work on CAD software - Gerber AccuMark

  • We are active on the fashion market and observe changing trends

  • Constructions and prototypes

    If you have a ready-made drawing and you would like your collection to be made with the utmost care, we can prepare a construction for you and sew a prototype.

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  • Sewing service

    If you already have a prepared structure, size tables, grading and purchased fabric and accessories, you can also commission us to stitch your collection. If you want, we will also check if the construction and grading have been done correctly.

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