Modern - Szwalnia - konstrukcje odzieży


Sample sewing based on master patterns (blocks).

Having built the master patterns (blocks) we sew the samples. Sample sewing is typically followed by collection of feedback and proactive discussions on gaps between the sample and the block. We challenge how the pattern lies, we solve initial technological issues.

Your participation in this stage is essential as is the opportunity to grade the sample on a model of your choosing. This way later technological challenges with grading can be avoided.
Once we reach your approval on the master pattern, we adjust the sample, the markers and plotting to your liking.

Other services

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  • Constructions and prototypes

    If you have a ready-made drawing and you would like your collection to be made with the utmost care, we can prepare a construction for you and sew a prototype.

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  • Sewing service

    If you already have a prepared structure, size tables, grading and purchased fabric and accessories, you can also commission us to stitch your collection. If you want, we will also check if the construction and grading have been done correctly.

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