Modern - Szwalnia - konstrukcje odzieży


Full Cycle: Collection planning, procurement, scheduling and delivery.

Let us help you plan and prep the entire Collection. Thanks to our wide range of partners and fabric and accessories vendors in Europe, we can help you design a collection that’s modern, fresh and perfect.

You may take care of the delivery of buttons, zippers, tapes and tricots suitable for the pattern or you may leave it to us. We can guarantee the top quality of the selected elements.
Mind you – major tags, paper boxes, tapes – all this needs to be procured separately. Should you need our assistance in choosing the vendor – we are here to help!

We work to a tight project plan and a pre-agreed pricing that includes all necessary details such as quality, quantity, complexity, accessories.

This careful planning makes it easier for us to schedule production accordingly so that lead times correspond with your expectations and above all – allow you to place the collection on the market exactly when you want it. Of course – should you choose to diversify your partners and vendors rather than consolidate – we are ready to support you at any chosen stage of the process as well.