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How to start cooperation with a sewing house?

29 March 2021

We thought there was nothing easier than just pick up the phone or write a message. However, many myths have arisen around the cooperation with the sewing house – no one knows the address, they are probably located in the basement and none of the sewing houses has a price list. Moreover, often it doesn’t even have a website. There is a lot of truth to this. Therefore, as a clothing manufacturer with nearly 30 years of experience, we feel obliged to explain to you what the cooperation with sewing houses is really about. After browsing several internet forums and groups on Facebook, the most important question there is: how to establish cooperation with a sewing house. We’re going to explain this mythical process.

What do I want to do? For what? Does something inspire me?

Before the first contact with the sewing house, you do not need to make a valuation, you will find out everything on the spot at our headquarters in Gdańsk. However, you need to answer a few questions beforehand that will speed up the process of our cooperation. If you don’t know the answer to a question, that’s okay – we’ll discuss it at the meeting.

Questions that you need to answer before starting cooperation with the sewing house:

1. What kind of clothes do I want to sew? Dresses? Coats? Silk shirts? Pajamas?

2. Who do I want to sew for? Who is my audience? Are the sizes to be standard, e.g. XS-XL, or unusual, e.g. I want to sell clothing for very short people?

3. Do I know material suppliers? Do I want the sewing house to recommend someone to me?

These are the complete basics. Choosing the target group will speed up the work and it will be easier to go into details, e.g. the selection of accessories, such as buttons or stripes. It is worth talking to the sewing house if you can somehow manage the scraps of materials that will remain after the cutting process. From such cuts, Polish sewing factories sew masks or hair bands, the so-called scrunches, so if you are close to the idea of ​​”zero waste”, you should think about it.

Why is it worth choosing a Polish company?

First of all, in a Polish sewing house, you can make an appointment and check what the actual clothing factory looks like. You can talk about cooperation right away, as well as see what the garment production process looks like and what quality clothes come out of the needle. Secondly, by using local services, we have a real impact on the Polish economy, as well as a smaller carbon footprint, because clothes are not transported in containers from the other side of the world. In the MODERN sewing house, you can pick up your clothes personally or have them shipped.

The Google search engine recommends the following slogan so highly: sewing house, price list. Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to how much it costs to produce a collection. It is influenced by many factors, e.g. when the cooperation begins – do we come to the sewing house with a sketch that requires digitization and precise measurement, or do we have a ready pattern for sewing. The most important role, however, is the size of the order and how complex your order will be. It is also important what kind of clothing we want to produce (e.g. silk dresses, cotton sweatshirts or classic coats) and how many sewing workers need to be involved. Not to mention the amount of additives or the technology used. It is worth writing to us right away: , or call us on: 501 202 351 and we will ask the right questions to speed up the process of creating your dream clothing collection.