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Combining colors in fashion designs. What’s the secret? Can this be learned?

29 March 2021

How is it that in one dress everything fits together, and in the other something is wrong? Apart from design errors or mismatching of materials, something much more banal happens – inappropriate color selection.

Consultation in the sewing room

In three decades, we’ve looked through so many material beams that we have a really keen eye for shades. We will certainly give you a hint if we think that the color composition will not encourage you to buy a jacket or skirt. We do not require investors or even future designers to have a sense of color or aesthetic sense – we are here to show you the right directions.

Manufacture of clothes Gdańsk

We provide all the above-mentioned services on site in the sewing room in Gdańsk. Own clothing brand does not have to be an unfulfilled dream, you just have to prepare for it. When it comes to colors, we recommend using the online color matching tools even before consulting with us. is very intuitive. Additionally, it shows color compositions in a still and animated nature. A sea of ​​inspiration!

Pantone 2021 color of the year vs covid-19

Every year, the community of designers, graphic designers and marketing specialists waits for the news of the color of the year this time to be announced by the Pantone Institute. In 2021, there are as many as 2 colors. This is probably to reward everyone for the difficulties of the pandemic and give hope for the future. “Practical and reliable, and at the same time warm and optimistic – this is how the Pantone Institute justified the choice: Illuminating and Ultimate Gray. The combination of sunny yellow and rocky gray is to refer to the search for meaning and symbolize joy and peace – the perfect combination at a time when everyone is tired of the restrictions resulting from the appearance of the coronavirus.

It is worth looking at what color of the year has been chosen from year to year, because then there are many more accessories in stores in these shades. Pantone colors shape trends. That is why it is worth considering these colors when looking for fabrics in a warehouse. A collection inspired by Pantone colors – such a slogan has great marketing potential.